How to Deal with Thoughts of Suicide

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Hello. Your life has purpose. 

Here are some to-dos for dealing with thoughts of suicide:

How to Deal Urgently

  • 988 24-hour Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
  • Promise not to do anything right now
  • Make your home safe
  • Your emotions aren’t fixed. They change and they’re treatable.
  • Remember that people get through this
  • Talk to someone

More on How to Deal

  • Make a safety/crisis plan and crisis box
  • Get out in the sun / Exercise
  • Do things that bring you joy
  • Remember your personal goals
  • Create a list of reasons to live
  • One day at a time
  • Avoid substances 

Resources used to make these lists:

Songs to Help you Deal

30 Songs for Hope, Inspiration and a Better World 

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