#CopyPoet 12.12.15: Get Professional Help

We all know how to heed good advice When it sounds agreeable to us. But how often do we just let pros do what pros do by getting help from pros we can trust? From design to function to content and timing Many roads are quite travelled and true. So find that professional that knows more than you know and then let them do what … Continue reading #CopyPoet 12.12.15: Get Professional Help


Vendor Shot…Sympathy Check? by Tyechia Thompson Owner, MajorTs, LLC For my beta launch of MajorTs, LLC, based in Washington, D.C., I hired a vendor in Los Angeles to print the T-shirts based on a relationship the vendor had with my uncle. I paid the vendor 50% then 69% of the agreed fee though HE was three days behind our agreed shipping date. The day the … Continue reading MAJORTS LAUNCH AT HOWARD UNIVERSITY, PART 1