5.24.16 – Camcorders | A Napkin Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 350



1st Grade Performance Friday @ 8:30am

It doesn’t make sense …

To start work late on a Friday and

Take in an amateur performance of songs I’m not familiar with

I don’t just go. I arrive early

For the good parking and the best view

And I always get a little choked up

I can’t help it

These tiny amateurs have worked so hard

To memorize these songs about spiders and

Belt them out in unison

I even get a little peeved at the off-stage commotion

Ok … a little more than a little peeved

Actually more peeved than I would be

At a sold-out $100 –a-seat concert

This concert is free.

I assume that that’s why

After all these years of using my phone as my camera

I suddenly needed a camcorder.

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