3.30.2016 -The Project | A Coordinated Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 346

The Project

Life is a project.

The possibilities for 1-hour service windows for next week are like schedule roulette.

1st grade performance at 8:15 am. Great.

The roofer can only do noon on Thursday. You know what I like to do at noon on Thursday?

That’s right! I like to run to the cleaners while scarfing down a granola bar like every other self-respecting professional.

I’m pressing toward saint-like fitness enlightenment, so I tried to get some “intense” fitness activity in this morning.

I brushed my teeth while I jogged with my dog.

I choked a little.

Next time I’ll floss and run with the dog.

If that doesn’t convince you to download a scheduling app …

Imagine me greedily indulging in a cheat day frap when I’m supposed to be meeting with a friend at a healthy greens place. The shame!

Something has to keep track of what I need to do, when I need to do it

and who I need to do it with.

I need to get stuff done so I can enjoy my life.

(Inspired by Writers Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #346, a Coordinated Poem)

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