1.5.2018 – Passwords | A Password Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 421

I forgot it as soon as I typed it in.

How will I ever remember if it needed 8 characters or less? Did I add an exclamation mark to the end, or was that a one? Oh my goodness, how did I even manage to type it twice?!

That’s what this life is like with he and I. I have my go to code, but it isn’t working … the extra characters, the numbers or maybe a special character I just randomly threw in …

Like I thought we needed the same drug, but mine doesn’t work anymore and I don’t even know where to begin with his.

I know a real happiness is on the other side. It makes me wish there weren’t so many villains and that there wasn’t so much need for secrets. We could just open the page, click enter, and be on the right side of access, and then it wouldn’t matter that I don’t know the password.

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