8.1.2017 – Alarm Clocks| A useful item Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 403

Photo: Digital Alarm Clock with Sound Machine

Alarm Clocks

As I understand it

Successful people don’t use alarm clocks.

If you’re made of grit and ambition

The universe wakes you up

At 4:00 am

To begin your important work.

The universe doesn’t wake me up.

I’m doing it wrong.

The universe knows I want to sleep in.

The drive home, making dinner, and getting kids to bed

All took longer than expected.

Now I’m winding down at 11:00, willing myself up past midnight,

Hoping to be a little better and a bit more free.

I know the universe is watching.

Maybe judging … maybe not

After all, it did give me alarm clocks.

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