2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 27

2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 27

“write a leftovers poem”




From a childhood of looming dangers
I have a surplus of hyper-cautiousness that keeps me safe
But helps me overthink the danger

From a once upon a time love that didn’t last
I have the residue of resistance
Tall walls that grew without me noticing
And are difficult to tumble

From broken friendships
I have trust issue rubbish
I’d love to tell you what’s up with me
But those snake bites smart
And the pain takes longer than it should to subside
Plus, the mess from “friends” trying to hurt me
with my personal business
Causes infection

From professional missteps
I have remnants of fear and doubt
“we regret to inform you” feels like
Someone spilled never on all my hopes and dreams

I have enough scraps for a plate of paralyzation.
I have Tupperware full of large servings of hard lessons.


But I guess I don’t have to eat them

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