9.17.2018 – Leading Man | A Dream Poem


Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 453 – A Dream Poem

Leading Man

It was the kind of dream you don’t tell
your significant other about
A little steamy
An R rated romantic comedy starring me
and some guy as the love interest
I leaned into the dream
but my conscious mind knew it was trouble
Still we sped ahead
through picnics and flashes of car rides
brushing by clothes as we shopped
sharing a kiss in an elevator
I was in my real feelings — charmed and swept away —
while my mind fought to return me to reality
Then it won
The dream ended
I had to figure it out immediately
what was my subconscious saying about my relationship
Who was he?
I began to recall the details
the hands on mine, the chest to rest on, the smell of his hair,
his skin tone, his voice, his … name?
The guy was my guy.
Whew! My leading man.

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