Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 345 | A lingering poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 345 | A lingering poem


Not keeping up gives the sensation of rushing

But it means – even if you’re running – that you’re going too slow

I’m being driven by Wednesday poetry prompts

Or I’m being drug behind Wednesdays that come

And go too quickly

There goes another one.

I stand near, almost lunging,

Trying to find the rhythm like a game of double-dutch

I have to work my plan to be

Engaging and keyword rich

Content is King; Schedule is Queen

Keeping up means jumping in, even when I haven’t quite found the rhythm

There’s a lot of stumbling and starting again


You haven’t seen a bit of it.

You’ve spent the whole time …



*I know you're not waiting on my posts, but it made a brilliant punchline, no?

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