2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 26

The most difficult and most important thing about content marketing is keeping the content flowing. It pays to have content locked and loaded, but keeping things in the hopper is a challenge.

Here’s the Nov 26 poetry challenge a month and a few days late.

2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 26

“write a luxury poem”

I need things for my home
Things to drape from the windows
And hang on the walls
Things for the tables and drawers and doors
Things to pull up and replace all the floors
Things that make merry
Things that show stature
Things that grant dreams ordinary folks cannot fathom
Goldened and Silvered and Blinged out and Biggened
Fashioned after Greek gods, insatiably vivid
If the happy are happy because of the things
Then I need them, I need them. Bring them to me!
At my house I usually feel sad and alone
But I won’t with luxurious things in my home

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