11/25 Poetry Prompt – The Remix Poem

Shadow Man done laid poor Ray low.” – The Princess and the Frog

5 Simple Steps to Forget Good for Good

Sometimes all the corners of the universe seem cruel at the same time. In those times I’m outside of myself, not grounded enough to best my challenges. I have to fake myself back into existence.

These five steps never fail me.

Step One – I Get Fancy

I pull a lesser-worn outfit or something new out of the closet. I do hair, makeup, nails, perfume. I do it just to stand in the mirror, just to remember how well I clean up … just to smile. #FeelingMyself #Level 2/10

It is superficial, just nature. So before I F*** up my makeup with the feels, I move on to

Step Two – I Werk my Quirks

Nurture. Non-prescription spectacles, big red hair, tight jeans and a flowy top or a flowy dress and flip flops. That firey business nerd, coated with ‘hood essence, infused with Daygo hippie vibes, sprinkled with darkberry black girl magic. I dig way deep into her. #FeelingMyself #Level 7/10

That’s a deeper, but not powerful enough for the sh*t I’m in.

Step Three – I Supplement my Swagger (with Accessories)

Maybe I have to get crafty because my pockets won’t accommodate upgrades. So I get crafty. I throw some jewels on those Non-prescription spectacles, amp up the red hair, find a lipstick that makes the darkberry glisten and makes the mean mug ferocious. #FeelingMyself #Level 8/10

Not too far away from crying but far enough that I can sit on my bed and pen my plan.

Step Four – I Realign with my Personal Brand

“Self, don’t forget again. You were made for a purpose. You’re you for good reasons. How’d you let somebody tell you your mistake(s) made you less valuable? How’d you allow somebody make you feel how they feel about you. Man, you can’t wear these glasses all the time, but ALWAYS feel a little glam. NEVER stop werkin’ those quirks. Here’s how …”

#FeelingMyself #Level 10/10

That could be it, but then I’m too hyped. Immediately there are 5 songs I need to hear, ‘cause something has got to get as turned up as me. So I

Step Five – I Make a Playlist

And I play it until I forget. Then, when the air feels heavy, I begin again at Step One.

2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 25

“write an echo poem … A remix poem, if you will.”

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