Here’s a first run at #CopyPoet poetry using last Wednesday’s (9/16) prompt.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 323

For this week’s prompt, write a hesitation or hesitant poem. I’ll admit that I was initially hesitant to use this prompt, but that hesitation, in a way, signaled to me that I should go ahead with it. After all, aren’t our lives filled with hesitations–large and small?

Get Rid of Regret

Your “suddenly skinny” diet has taken that expected turn

Into nagging hunger pangs.

Before you reach for the ice cream,

Use Hesitation.

One tap on the stylish wearable wristband delivers two drops 

of Hesitation and the time you need to reconsider.

Hesitation goes down smoother than shame and

Studies show that time to think

Reduces the probability of bad decisions

By as much as 80%

Call 1-800-2STOPME and order Hesitation today!

Also available in fast acting, extra strength for

When you need a stronger, longer pause

to keep you from saying

Something stupid

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