Business Think Tank

Introductions 3.30.2016


For Think Tank introductions please come prepared with:
1. The nature of your project, business or hobby. No trade secrets!
2. What you want to give – The strengths, expertise and knowledge that you think will benefit the group most
3. What you want to get – How can we help you?


Hey folks! Here’s what happened with our first Think Tank gathering.
1. We learned that this is a good idea that has legs because you seem to all have at least one project. Yay!
2. The technology is important. When I run webinars I spend 60% of my time answering emails that say “I can’t get on!” Unlike my webinars I can (and will) contact each of you individually to make sure the tech works for next time.
3. Next time will be in approximately 2 weeks. In the meantime I’ll work on getting those that couldn’t attend up to speed.
Thanks a million for being willing to participate. I’m so excited!