8.31.208 – Drafts| An Other Side Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 451 – An Other Side Poem Drafts are much less forgiving in real life. I was afraid that the thought was heavy handed So I scribbled out that last part But the message didn’t land without it And that’s how we lost the money I stepped through the lines of code and The whole thing crashed That’s how we lost the house … Continue reading 8.31.208 – Drafts| An Other Side Poem

1.31.17 – Let’s Go | A “Let’s (Blank)” Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 381 – A “Let’s (blank)” poem (inspired by 3 Ways to Become More Generous and Grow Your Audience) Love songs offer the sun and moon in exchange for the hope of a lifetime of love I just need an email address I can give you peace of mind the kind that comes from making a good decision saving money and time Or the … Continue reading 1.31.17 – Let’s Go | A “Let’s (Blank)” Poem

3.30.2016 -The Project | A Coordinated Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 346 The Project Life is a project. The possibilities for 1-hour service windows for next week are like schedule roulette. 1st grade performance at 8:15 am. Great. The roofer can only do noon on Thursday. You know what I like to do at noon on Thursday? That’s right! I like to run to the cleaners while scarfing down a granola bar like every other self-respecting … Continue reading 3.30.2016 -The Project | A Coordinated Poem

3.25.2016 Weekend Marketing Reads

As another layer of fun, I’m going to carve out time every Friday to select some reads for the weekend that will ultimately get baked into my #copypoet posts. This week I saved (to Pinterest, Dropbox, Google Keep and Email) a number of articles I’d like to read … eventually. This weekend I’m going to tackle a branding read, an SEO read and a trends … Continue reading 3.25.2016 Weekend Marketing Reads

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 345 | A lingering poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 345 | A lingering poem WAITING* Not keeping up gives the sensation of rushing But it means – even if you’re running – that you’re going too slow I’m being driven by Wednesday poetry prompts Or I’m being drug behind Wednesdays that come And go too quickly There goes another one. I stand near, almost lunging, Trying to find the rhythm like a game … Continue reading Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 345 | A lingering poem

#CopyPoet 12.12.15: Get Professional Help

We all know how to heed good advice When it sounds agreeable to us. But how often do we just let pros do what pros do by getting help from pros we can trust? From design to function to content and timing Many roads are quite travelled and true. So find that professional that knows more than you know and then let them do what … Continue reading #CopyPoet 12.12.15: Get Professional Help

#CopyPoet: 3 “My Day w/o Coffee”

WEDNESDAY POETRY PROMPTS: 326 + HOW TO BUILD AN AUDIENCE THAT BUILDS YOUR BUSINESS My Day Without Coffee I have decided to complain all day So I’m scared and I’m tired And in pain all day. I stepped outside and it rained Then it hailed. I tried half-way but The whole thing failed. So I went for a walk and I tripped and fell. Then I … Continue reading #CopyPoet: 3 “My Day w/o Coffee”