2.15.2018 – Untitled| A Super Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 426

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s all small stuff

An estimated 773,618 decisions in a lifetime

How many are in-line with an authentic self?

How many toward goals?

How many away from goals?

A color that makes you feel powerful

A fragrance that helps you feel at peace

Sheets that make you most comfortable

Pillows for the best sleep ever

Or something more …

What if every decision fueled our dreams

And our passions?

What if every decision was made with

A view toward out best self.

Strengthened by purpose

Shielded with certainty

Armed with resolve

Like a radioactive spider’s bite

Or a hi-tech suit

What if your origin story starts today

And every decision is a step

On a path

To a Super Life?

1.5.2018 – Passwords | A Password Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 421

I forgot it as soon as I typed it in.

How will I ever remember if it needed 8 characters or less? Did I add an exclamation mark to the end, or was that a one? Oh my goodness, how did I even manage to type it twice?!

That’s what this life is like with he and I. I have my go to code, but it isn’t working … the extra characters, the numbers or maybe a special character I just randomly threw in …

Like I thought we needed the same drug, but mine doesn’t work anymore and I don’t even know where to begin with his.

I know a real happiness is on the other side. It makes me wish there weren’t so many villains and that there wasn’t so much need for secrets. We could just open the page, click enter, and be on the right side of access, and then it wouldn’t matter that I don’t know the password.

8.1.2017 – Alarm Clocks| A useful item Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 403

Photo: Digital Alarm Clock with Sound Machine

Alarm Clocks

As I understand it

Successful people don’t use alarm clocks.

If you’re made of grit and ambition

The universe wakes you up

At 4:00 am

To begin your important work.

The universe doesn’t wake me up.

I’m doing it wrong.

The universe knows I want to sleep in.

The drive home, making dinner, and getting kids to bed

All took longer than expected.

Now I’m winding down at 11:00, willing myself up past midnight,

Hoping to be a little better and a bit more free.

I know the universe is watching.

Maybe judging … maybe not

After all, it did give me alarm clocks.

1.31.17 – Let’s Go | A “Let’s (Blank)” Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 381 – A “Let’s (blank)” poem

(inspired by 3 Ways to Become More Generous and Grow Your Audience)

Love songs offer the sun and moon

in exchange for the hope of a lifetime of love

I just need an email address

I can give you peace of mind

the kind that comes from making a good decision

saving money and time

Or the upward mobility that comes from getting you started

down the path toward higher education

I might interest you in the carefree vibe you’ve been looking for

with a service that leaves a big to-do from your list

to the professionals

in a white paper

in a tutorial

in a webinar

in a way that better connects you to your purpose. Unabated.

Let’s Go!

5.24.16 – Camcorders | A Napkin Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 350



1st Grade Performance Friday @ 8:30am

It doesn’t make sense …

To start work late on a Friday and

Take in an amateur performance of songs I’m not familiar with

I don’t just go. I arrive early

For the good parking and the best view

And I always get a little choked up

I can’t help it

These tiny amateurs have worked so hard

To memorize these songs about spiders and

Belt them out in unison

I even get a little peeved at the off-stage commotion

Ok … a little more than a little peeved

Actually more peeved than I would be

At a sold-out $100 –a-seat concert

This concert is free.

I assume that that’s why

After all these years of using my phone as my camera

I suddenly needed a camcorder.

3.30.2016 -The Project | A Coordinated Poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 346

The Project

Life is a project.

The possibilities for 1-hour service windows for next week are like schedule roulette.

1st grade performance at 8:15 am. Great.

The roofer can only do noon on Thursday. You know what I like to do at noon on Thursday?

That’s right! I like to run to the cleaners while scarfing down a granola bar like every other self-respecting professional.

I’m pressing toward saint-like fitness enlightenment, so I tried to get some “intense” fitness activity in this morning.

I brushed my teeth while I jogged with my dog.

I choked a little.

Next time I’ll floss and run with the dog.

If that doesn’t convince you to download a scheduling app …

Imagine me greedily indulging in a cheat day frap when I’m supposed to be meeting with a friend at a healthy greens place. The shame!

Something has to keep track of what I need to do, when I need to do it

and who I need to do it with.

I need to get stuff done so I can enjoy my life.

(Inspired by Writers Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #346, a Coordinated Poem)

3.25.2016 Weekend Marketing Reads

As another layer of fun, I’m going to carve out time every Friday to select some reads for the weekend that will ultimately get baked into my #copypoet posts.

This week I saved (to Pinterest, Dropbox, Google Keep and Email) a number of articles I’d like to read … eventually. This weekend I’m going to tackle a branding read, an SEO read and a trends read.

You can save these for yourself using the links below.

Have a great weekend!

– Toree

Next up: a coordinated poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 346

“For today’s prompt, write a coordinated poem. Coordination could refer to keeping your balance, but it can also be a coordinated event. Sports teams have coordinators; complicated processes require coordination; and even poems have to coordinate words, line breaks, and stanzas.”


Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 345 | A lingering poem

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 345 | A lingering poem


Not keeping up gives the sensation of rushing

But it means – even if you’re running – that you’re going too slow

I’m being driven by Wednesday poetry prompts

Or I’m being drug behind Wednesdays that come

And go too quickly

There goes another one.

I stand near, almost lunging,

Trying to find the rhythm like a game of double-dutch

I have to work my plan to be

Engaging and keyword rich

Content is King; Schedule is Queen

Keeping up means jumping in, even when I haven’t quite found the rhythm

There’s a lot of stumbling and starting again


You haven’t seen a bit of it.

You’ve spent the whole time …



*I know you're not waiting on my posts, but it made a brilliant punchline, no?